Retirement your way

At Regional Financial Solutions, we help our clients plan for a fulfilling and financially secure retirement; A retirement where you get to spend time doing the things you enjoy, with the people you love, without worrying you will run out of money.



Retirement is five or fewer years away. Plan for life after work by making smart financial moves now that you will thank yourself for down the track.

How we can help:


  • Identify your retirement goals and timeframes.

  • Review your income and cashflow requirements.

  • Find smarter and faster ways to grow your retirement savings through investing inside and outside superannuation.

  • Access your superannuation as you wind back your work (Transition To Retirement strategies)

  • Look at tax effective strategies to maximise Age Pension and government entitlements while one spouse is still working and the other is retired.

  • Review your estate plan


You are out there enjoying the things you never had enough time for before. Feel confident you will have enough money to continue living the lifestyle you love.

How we can help:

  • Set retirement lifestyle goals

  • Identify how long your money will last by looking at your income and assets and how they are structured.

  • Identify if your finances are structured to maximise government benefits.

  • Look at ways to minimise any tax you pay in retirement.

  • Recommend superannuation income stream strategies including annuities and pensions

  • Review your estate plan.


Based in Tuncurry, we are proud to have provided financial planning and retirement planning services to Barrington Coast locals for over 50 years.


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